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Company of Heroes is a real-time war strategy game for Windows
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Company of Heroes is a real-time war strategy game for Windows. The game is one of the newest of this type that features realistic units and gameplay. The last game like this that I saw was Commandos, which was more infantry based than this. Also, a recent game like this was World in Crisis, but I couldn't run that one. The game puts you in command of a small army, which you can use to carry out your missions. You are given a short briefing on the units characteristics and their weak and strong points. Company of Heroes is a 2006 game, and is a step forward in terms of graphics quality. The game also has a strong plot that feels a lot like Saving Private Ryan, maybe because the developers of the game were influenced by Steve Spielberg. All in all, the game is a cinematic-like experience with extensive missions that cover a lot of terrain in terms of playability. The graphics are stunning and the gameplay seems to be solid. A lot of care has been put into giving the user all the control that is necessary to take full use of the units that are provided.

José Fernández
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  • Great graphics
  • Campaign mode feels like a movie
  • Great controls


  • System hog
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